Executives! Are you fed up with a lack of qualified job leads?
Please welcome iXCD-Match to the recruiting arena! 


iXCD-Match is not a job board! We work directly with the nation's top Recruiters and Hiring Managers to source the best talent to the best opportunities!
Pretty smart recruiting! If you are SERIOUS about your career, AWESOME at what you do, and READY to work WE WANT YOU!


WE HAVE THE PERFECT JOB. Are YOU the right candidate?
Let us help put you to work!


Who wouldn't like to have the perfect candidate handed to them on a silver platter? That's exactly what we do! You can find resumes and great candidates everywhere. But unlike job sites with hit and miss opportunities, we don't share candidates. We can markedly increase the chance of matching star players to the jobs they were born to do and as fast as possible!

When you post your resume on job boards you are subjecting yourself to receiving unqualified job leads, and unsolicited emails and phone calls from recruiters who know nothing about you and are most likely just taking a chance that they might get a callback and be able to place you. More often than not, it leads absolutely nowhere. Our clients agree not to post their resumes on job boards but retain the option to apply directly to an employer.

Our client assessment provides employers with what they need to make an informed decision about you before you are subjected to further inquiries or before they even make contact with you! You receive only serious offers from serious employers. Next step... interviews with informed Hiring Managers who are already confident in you and your abilities.



Why you'll love us! 
We offer a strategic partnership with a "ready-to-go" and exclusive candidate.

We want to know all about our client's potential and what career paths exist. We pass that on to the employer. Chances are we can significantly reduce time to acquisition! We can cut search time and reduce the amount of time spent to match and qualify candidates.

Our background includes a long history of close working relationships with global recruiters and HR professionals. We've written an enormous number of resumes since 1997 and the majority of our business comes from referrals all over the country. We are about establishing relationships. Our clients depend on us for their livelihoods and futures and we care! We have a relationship with them that makes a difference and causes them to engage with opportunity.

 iXCD-Match focuses on star candidates who deserve that coveted position. 
We have a commitment to support them throughout their careers. Our clients are ready to work!


We're doing more to help you succeed!

We can help you find your ideal position, get hired with the best pay, and support you throughout your career! 

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It is our ambition to build firm, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.
We are eager to serve in a complete project life cycle from resume concept and construction through job delivery and support.